Maciej Dyjas
Managing Partner

Maciej Dyjas is a Managing Partner of Griffin Capital Partners, the largest privately owned investment and asset manager in private equity and real estate in CEE and the most active and innovative investor in the region.

His management experience was gained in the consulting company Wandel & Goltermann and in Hewlett Packard Systems in the EU and US, before he went on to be Partner, Managing Partner and CEO at Eastbridge Group, an evergreen investment group. In tandem with his functions at Eastbridge, he held several positions at companies controlled by the Group, including positions of CEO of NFI EMF, listed on the WSE, and CEO of DTH Capital in New York. In 2014, Eastbridge Group, held assets of over USD 3 billion in the retail, consumer goods, and real estate sectors in CEE, the EU and US.

Maciej holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and IT from the University of Warsaw and  pursued studies in the area of business and psychology of management and communication in Stuttgart and Frankfurt.