PAD RES is a joint venture between Griffin Capital Partners and Kajima Europe.

PAD RES, a leading Polish developer in the clean energy sector, will build two photovoltaic farms in the Pomeranian Voivodeship with a total capacity of 117 megawatts (MW). Two new investments by PAD RES will be constructed in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, specifically near the towns of Sztum and Mikołajki Pomorskie. These projects will have a combined capacity of 117 MW. The solar farms will cover a total area of c.a. 140 hectares and will have the capability to power around 65 000 households.

Electrum, a technological and consulting group operating in the climate tech sector, has been chosen as the general contractor for both investments. PAD RES and Electrum have previously collaborated on the 35 MW Genowefa photovoltaic farm in Kleczew, Central Poland.

In September 2021, Kajima Europe and Griffin Capital Partners acquired majority shares in PAD RES. Since then, the company has been systematically expanding its portfolio. Currently, PAD RES holds projects with secured Grid Connection Conditions exceeding 500MW.

With another 140 MW of photovoltaic projects to begin construction this year, PAD RES's strategy is centered on expanding its portfolio of renewable energy projects.

Jędrzej Socha, Senior Vice President Investments at Griffin Capital Partners, says: "The renewable energy market in Poland is growing, and upcoming changes in the energy mix will necessitate the development of new capacity from renewable sources. At Griffin Capital Partners, we perceive this sector as particularly attractive, and our PAD RES platform enables us to actively participate in Poland's green transformation. The two new investments, with a combined capacity of 117 MW, will significantly expand our portfolio."

Chris Gill, Investments Director & Head of Renewables at Kajima, says: "Intensive efforts are underway in Poland to diversify the country's energy mix, with a strong focus on zero-emission sources aiming to play a significant and dominant role in this process. The two new photovoltaic farms in Sztum and Mikołajki Pomorskie are key to Kajima's ambitious plans to bring renewables to Poland and form part of the country's transition to clean energy”.

Wojciech Jasiński, Director of the Construction Department at PAD RES, says: "We are delighted to announce the agreement with Electrum, which marks our second cooperation with them. Electrum also acts as a general contractor for our forthcoming 35 MW photovoltaic farm. Our strategy is focused on further expanding our renewable energy portfolio, which includes investments in photovoltaic and wind projects with another 140 MW planned to start construction this year."

Jacek Popławski, Strategy & Development Director at Electrum Holding, says: "We are thrilled to partner with PAD RES once again. Our existing relationship has reached a milestone, marking the beginning of a further long-term and mutually beneficial partnership. Being in the final stages of a 35 MW photovoltaic plant in Kleczew, we can now proudly announce a pipeline
of next projects with a capacity of more than three times that amount. The investments in Pomerania are very important for our business development. I believe there will be many opportunities for future collaborations between our companies."