SMYK is an iconic children’s brand with a 92% brand awareness, exceptional brand trust, and clear market leadership in the children’s market.

SMYK offers the widest range of children’s clothing and footwear, toys, school accessories, books, multimedia, baby accessories, and other products for children aged 0-14 and young families, such as products for mothers, house & garden products, and sport & recreation items.

The SMYK Group operates through a vertically focused e-commerce platform and over 230 of its own “brick & mortar” stores in Poland, along with 40 stores abroad (in Romania and Ukraine).

Additionally, SMYK’s own brands - Cool Club and Smiki - are available both online and in the traditional stores of SMYK’s business partners in 20 markets across Europe and Asia.

In January 2016, the SMYK Group was acquired from Eastbridge Group and Penta Investments. The transaction, valued at €247 million, was carried out in a consortium with Bridgepoint, a major international private equity group.

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